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Surprising Catalán Christmas tradition: El caganer: the shitter

The nativity scene is one of the most ingrained traditions in the Spanish culture. The scene is displayed in churches, homes and department stores. Catalan Nativity figure: El caganer: the shitter  The caganer is one of the most celebrated and … Continue reading

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Northern Spain in Winter: a place to visit before you die!

At least once a year, the crew heads home to enjoy our friends, family and country. When we get back, we share our experiences, pictures, videos and new places we have discovered. There is nothing like leaving your country to … Continue reading

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Spanish TV apps to watch from all your devices!

To learn a language, besides attending classes, you have to go the extra mile on your own. You must take advantage of every possible opportunity to tune into the language you are intending to master.

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¡Recetas caseras hispanas riquísimas!

Todos buscamos recetas y hay miles en la red, pero a mi me gusta mas que alguien me recomiende una pagina o un blog porque me merece mas confianza. Fui muy afortunada cuando una amiga me recomendó la pagina de … Continue reading

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Chef Jose Andrés wants a piece of the “Thanksgiving” market too!

The world acclaimed Spanish Chef José Andrés, who by the way lives in Washington, D.C.,  has just introduced  a pre-cooked  “Thanksgiving complete dinner” into the Spanish market. The target market: Americans living in Spain who miss their beloved traditional turkey meal. This year they … Continue reading

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Acción de gracias: Vocabulary to identify your food in Spanish!

It’s that time of year again, and hopefully we will survive the family reunion. This is the most popular celebration in the U.S. No shopping involved, just food! Yep, black Friday looming, but if you are wise, you will sit … Continue reading

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Learning Spanish while waiting in line: 13 handy apps you can’t miss

Smart phones have changed our lives in countless ways, actually making us smarter! I can hardly remember life before the i-phone. I surely fought against having one, but a friend got me one for my birthday.  That day changed my life. I finally knew … Continue reading

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Canales de radio en español que no te puedes perder: Cierra los ojos y escucha.

La comprensión auditiva es otra herramienta que añadir a la lista de cosas que hacer cuando estudias un idioma. La dificultad que este medio entraña no es poca, al no tener la ayuda que el visionado te ofrece para interpretar … Continue reading

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What makes an effective successful team? Meet the Casa Hispana crew!

  Passion is what makes a successful team. However, you must choose the right team players and Sonia – the chief, has successfully managed through the years to hire only those who are passionate about teaching and who blend in with the crew. When … Continue reading

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Películas en español que no te puedes perder

En el aprendizaje de un idioma, nada sobra. Hay que usar todas las herramientas posibles: lectura, audición, visionado, escritura, conversación y mucho entusiasmo. Es errónea la creencia que para aprender un idioma es necesaria la inmersión completa. Si dedicas el … Continue reading

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