From tapes to skype

Skype brings the world closer
courtesy of GDS Infographics

I am not one for change, but whether we like it or not we are pushed forward. I didn’t want a cell phone and ended up with an i-phone. Now, I can’t live without it. I had a hard time letting go of cassettes and using CD’s, now I use i-tunes. The list goes on.

However, all this technology is helping us accomplish things we never thought possible, such as being able to talk through Skype overseas with our loved ones. For free!!!! Skype is a great tool in business. It is being used for meetings, thus saving time and travel expenses. People are conducting interviews the same way and for the same reasons. Amazing to me!

I was often asked if we, Casa Hispana, had any branches outside San Francisco. Unfortunately we don’t, but now we just got started with Skype and we can reach anyone willing to come to us through the computer screen.

At first I was a bit weary of using Skype for teaching spanish because I enjoy the human  interaction, but once I gave it a try I was amazed at how real and personal the experience is.

I’m glad we have moved into the future and can reach more people. The world is a smaller place. However, make sure you are wearing a shirt before you answer that Skype call!


About Laura Carbonell

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