What makes an effective successful team? Meet the Casa Hispana crew!


The crew!

Passion is what makes a successful team. However, you must choose the right team players and Sonia – the chief, has successfully managed through the years to hire only those who are passionate about teaching and who blend in with the crew.

When I started teaching at Casa Hispana 16 years ago, I was told that it was a family. My immediate thought was: “This is a cult! I have my own family to deal with and don’t need to take up an additional one.” I couldn’t fathom a family working happily together.

I’m happy to report I was wrong. A family can work together as a team. An adopted family is the back up when the one you have is missing or fails you. What holds our team together is our common goal, our passion to teach, connect at a personal level with our students, and help each other through the process. We share materials, lend each other a hand, inside and outside work. There is no competition amongst us, our objective is to do our very best.

We are also lucky to attract quality people, students, from all backgrounds and bond with them, making our common goal even easier to attain. When you are in a safe, fun environment the learning process is painless.



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7 Responses to What makes an effective successful team? Meet the Casa Hispana crew!

  1. Martha says:

    Me encanto la presentacion, esta genial!!!!…refleja el clima familiar de Casa Hispana.

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