Learning Spanish while waiting in line: 13 handy apps you can’t miss

Spanish touch trainer $2.99

Smart phones have changed our lives in countless ways, actually making us smarter! I can hardly remember life before the i-phone. I surely fought against having one, but a friend got me one for my birthday.  That day changed my life. I finally knew where I was,  courtesy of Google maps! (No longer available).

Thanks to smart phones, waiting has become an opportunity to get things done and has changed the way we feel about long bus rides, long airport waits and long flights.

There are many useful apps out there, especially if you are learning Spanish. Now you can practice Spanish while waiting to do the next thing, instead of constantly staring at your watch or blankly at a wall. Booooring! I’m sure though, you keep busy enough with texting and e-mail, but here I offer you something better to do!

13 apps you should try:

Spanish touch trainer $2.99

Learn Spanish phrasebook FREE

99 Spanish verbs-learn the language $0.99

Say Hi! Voice translate!

Flashcards plus FREE

Learn Spanish Vocab FREE

Learn Spanish $4.99

Qhick flash card English and Spanish FREE

Spanish Free FREE

Learn Spanish verbs $5.99

Porteño Spanish- learn Argentine FREE

Spanish verb conjugator $0.99

WordReference Dictionary Free
My best friend!


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