On aging during a Spanish class!

No puedes borrar el tiempo...By John-Morgan

No puedes borrar el tiempo…
By John-Morgan

Our classes deal with real life situations, fun, varied and always interesting. Nobody wants to talk about hobbies for 2 hours and the vocabulary pertaining to it. Boooring! Our teachers and students are amazing conversationalist, which is exactly the point!

Last week we had a very interesting and moving class. The subject matter was aging and cosmetic surgery. One of our students recounted her visit to the Guggenheim Museum in the Upper Eastside where she saw the ladies during their luncheons. She was shocked at the sight of the grotesque cosmetic surgeries the women had obviously undergone!

This prompted Roger to tell us about his mother Ellie Krash,whom, as she started to see how her friends were beginning to undergo cosmetic surgery 20 years ago, wrote a beautiful poem about the subject. And Roger, her son, has done a beautiful job translating her poem!



Poem By Ellie Krash

I wear my inside out, proud of battle scars

that flash my victories,

treasuring each line engraved upon my smile,

each winding tributary that left a tear undried.

Time has been my friend.

I would not even try to look away,

or change a blemish.

To lift a wrinkle,

dye a streak of gray,

to lie about a year that happened,

would be to hide a medal had won.

Give me weatherbeaten friends,

filled with the wisdom of the hour-glass,

and I will be their friend!

Translation by Roger Schachtel (son)

Llevo mi interior afuera, orgullosa de las cicatrices de guerra

que hacen que mis victorias resplandezcan,

guardando como oro en paño cada linea grabada en mi sonrisa,

cada surco que dejó una lagrima sin secar.

El tiempo ha sido mi amigo.

Nunca intentaria mirar hacia otro lado,

cambiar una mancha,

borrar una arruga,

teñir un hilo de pelo gris,

mentir sobre un año que pasó,

sería como ocultar una medalla ganada.

¡Dame amigos curtidos por el tiempo,

llenos de la sabiduría del reloj de arena,

y yo seré su amiga!


About Casa Hispana

Casa Hispana brings the study of Spanish to life. Since 1985, we have provided a warm atmosphere where our instructors foster students to confidently absorb and apply the language. Casa Hispana teaches only Spanish. All of our instructors are native speakers with backgrounds in Education. Their skills and experience, along with our method, make it easier for you to learn in a fully Spanish atmosphere, and to express yourself with ease and confidence from the very first day.
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