Tú, vos, usted, vosotros y ustedes, the art of addressing people in Spanish

The intricacies of words By ~Brenda-Starr~

The intricacies of words
By ~Brenda-Starr~

These pronouns are ingrained in our Spanish-speaking culture, and as we use verbs, we swiftly use the terms, necessary to address whomever we are speaking to, not giving it much thought.

Countries vary their use of pronouns. Vosotros is only used in Spain, which is you plural. However, other countries skip it and go for ustedes, formal. Argentinians use vos for tú. 

It becomes a bit confusing because you want to be respectful with the use of usted. Yet, this use, in some instances, might come off as insulting by making the person feel old. Since we usually address older people by usted.

It is all very tricky, but the Lexicographer Delfin Carbonell Basset gives us an exceptional explanation to help us navigate the intricacies of each use, in his article at VOXXI News.

¡Buena suerte!



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