Give away experiences for the Holidays!

What are you getting? By ~Brenda-Starr~

What are you getting?
By ~Brenda-Starr~

Every year we find ourselves in the same crossroads with the holidays around the corner and clueless about what gifts to get. So we go back to the same old: a tie, a pair of gloves or a scarf. Giving and receiving the same thing every year will only help one of you open a future boutique to get rid of the stuff, or worse, you may get the same gift you gave your friend last year!

Let’s be honest; there is no better gift than cash, but it is a bit lousy to admit this when someone asks you what you want for Christmas. Thus, the best you can do to avoid sounding crummy by asking for money or getting the same old stuff, is to ask for experiences. The experience can be a dinner, a trip, a massage, dance classes, language classes, art classes, you name it. These gift certificates will be experiences we will keep in our memories, the others are put away, lost and forgotten in some drawer. As for money, it just disappears into thin air leaving no trace.

So, What are you going to give this year? An experience, dough or a scarf?




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Casa Hispana brings the study of Spanish to life. Since 1985, we have provided a warm atmosphere where our instructors foster students to confidently absorb and apply the language. Casa Hispana teaches only Spanish. All of our instructors are native speakers with backgrounds in Education. Their skills and experience, along with our method, make it easier for you to learn in a fully Spanish atmosphere, and to express yourself with ease and confidence from the very first day.
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