5 Easy things you can do to keep your Spanish going when you have little time!


Lack of time? You can still learn in just a few...By Aviruthia

Lack of time? You can still learn in just a few…
By Aviruthia

People think they have to spend invaluable amounts of time studying to keep their Spanish going. It is a great idea, but who has the time? Just a few things done daily, in your spare time and alternating to keep it fun, will help you move along and improve.

1. Read the news paper for 10 minutes on the web. An article, a blog in Spanish, a recipe.

2. Listen to a pod cast or radio program in Spanish during your commute. Forget the bike! (We don’t want to be held responsible!)

3. Watch a short U-tube video in Spanish. There are many out there. Type in Spanish what your’d like to watch. (cortos en español, videos en español)

4. Sing! This, you might find embarrassing or ridiculous, but singing out loud will help your pronunciation. You can do it in the car, or searching for Spanish music on U-tube. Some songs come with the lyrics.

5. Read out loud for 10 minutes every day. If you do this, you will become more used to speaking and pronouncing. If you don’t use it… You know how it goes!


Practice with this song!




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Casa Hispana brings the study of Spanish to life. Since 1985, we have provided a warm atmosphere where our instructors foster students to confidently absorb and apply the language. Casa Hispana teaches only Spanish. All of our instructors are native speakers with backgrounds in Education. Their skills and experience, along with our method, make it easier for you to learn in a fully Spanish atmosphere, and to express yourself with ease and confidence from the very first day.
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9 Responses to 5 Easy things you can do to keep your Spanish going when you have little time!

  1. Delfín says:

    Eso es exactamente lo que les digo a mis alumnos de inglés.
    Posible canción “si tu me dices ven, lo dejo todo…”

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