How to Survive your First Spanish Class!

Beginners Satuday Class! Come join the fun!

Beginners Satuday Class February 9th ! Come join the fun!

We know from experience how hard it is to walk into a class full of strangers and start to learn something new from scratch. Suddenly you feel scared and insecure. Yet, since we too know this, we make sure from the beginning, everyone feels at home. That’s why we are: Casa Hispana.

Fear not! Everyone in class is in the same boat and while you are here to learn, you are here to have fun too. studying in a warm, fun environment enables learning.

How to survive your first class:

1. Relax. We are not testing you. We are teaching you.

2. Don’t take too many notes on your first class. We will give you handouts. You need only focus on the class.

3. Keep in mind that nobody is judging you. This is no competition.

4. Ask questions! If they are not related to the material that is being covered, we will gladly talk to you at the end of the class.

4. The first week is your trial period. We want to make sure you like us before you commit, as with any relationship!

5. Above all, have fun! We do!

6. Expressions you might need to communicate with your teacher:

¿Puedes repetir?: Can you repeat?
• ¿Qué significa….?: What does…mean?
• ¿Cómo se dice….. en español?: How do you say….. in Spanish?
• ¡Mas despacio por favor!

¡Buena suerte!

Want to experience our first Beginner’s Class ? Saturday, February 9th 2013, 10:00- 12:30 pm

Note: We offer new beginner’s classes every month! Early sign-up might get you a little something extra!


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