4 reasons why you should practice writing longhand in Spanish.

 Writing longhand beats the keyboard! by pedrosimoes7

Writing longhand beats the keyboard!
by pedrosimoes7

I love spell check. One of the positive aspects of technology is that there is little to no excuse for spelling mistakes. (Yet, it does seem some people don’t bother ever using it.) No matter, I still think people who are studying a language should write longhand instead of using the computer.

  1. Writing longhand allows you to look up words and remember the spelling by setting them down on paper.
  2. Sitting down, pen in hand is like a ritual. You have more time to think about what you want to express. The urgency that a keyboard triggers is lost.
  3. Writing vocabulary words on flash cards for later study helps you memorize the words more readily.
  4. When you use your computer’s spell checker you are more careless. You focus on finishing the product. While writing longhand, you are 100% present and are less likely to err or misspell. Spell check is not perfect and might replace the word you want for another.

So, write away! Maybe a diary! Write down everything you want to remember. Go back to that beautiful fountain pen you stopped using, and enjoy writing longhand again, but in Spanish!



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