Botijo: Go for this “green” alternative for drinking water!

El botijo! Green water container!

El botijo! Green water container!

A botijo, búcaro, càntir, pitxell or poal in Catalan, is a traditional Spanish clay water container. When you fill it with water and let it sit in the sun, it cools the water! What could be greener than this?

Of course, it is hard to carry one around, so it is best to keep in the yard, balcony or porch. Used mostly in the summer.

It is a wide-bellied container with two spouts: pitorro or pitón.

How it works: The water that it stores is filtered through the pores of the clay and when it comes into contact with the outside dry environment, it evaporates. Producing a cooling effect.

I fondly remember my last botijo. I was about 6, and on the way back from the beach with my family, my dad bought it for me from a vendor on the road. As soon as I got out of the car, it slipped from my hands and broke. I was devastated.

They come in all sizes and shapes too! I have one!

Check out how to use at: wikihow


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