18 Characteristics of a Good Spanish Teacher!

A good Spanish teacher is involved...

A good Spanish teacher is involved…

Not everyone can teach a language, no matter how many diplomas, certificates they have. The main ingredient is being able to communicate with your students at a very personal level. To do this you must love both; teaching and people.

If you are a ppassionate teacher you will inevitably transmit your enthusiasm to your students. You will encourage them to communicate, and learn.

We remember things that make an emotional impression on us. So, a teacher’s job is to become involved in the learning process, and participate with the students. A teacher can’t talk to students. A teacher has to converse with them and connect.

 A Good Language Teacher:

  1. Motivates students.
  2. Presents material that is relevant and fun.
  3. Presents material students can relate to.
  4. Is interested in what people have to say.
  5. Is your friend.
  6. Corrects in a way that the student doesn’t feel embarrassed or threatened.
  7. Doesn’t bring the phone to class and texts!
  8. Is 100% there!
  9. When students are involved in a pair-work exercise, the teacher is there helping out, not scribbling and taking time out!
  10. Keeps what is said in class private. Just like “Vegas.”
  11. Makes people feel comfortable.
  12. Encourages even the shy to participate, but knows how far to push.
  13. Leaves personal problems outside the class.
  14. Doesn’t discuss his/her salary or complains about her job. (this is a no-brainer)
  15. Encourages students to ask questions, trying to keep them relevant. If they are not, they are discussed after class.
  16. Enjoys the class as much as his/her students.
  17. Cares about the students.
  18. Constantly evaluates how to improve his/her skills and approach better reach students.

If this is your teacher, you are lucky! You will learn! Keep them, they are gifted!


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