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Escribir bien para torpes, por Delfín Carbonell Basset

Oh, the art of writing well…! Have we lost it with the frantic practice of messaging and e-mail? Writing is an art, and when learning languages it is a must to practice. It doesn’t matter what level of Spanish you … Continue reading

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Entrevista divertida de Fernando Sanchez Dragó a Jaime Bayly

Fernando Sanchez Dragó es ensayista, periodista, critico literario, presentador y escritor Español. Un hombre con pocos pelos en la lengua, que mas de una vez se ha metido en algún que otro problema por esa misma causa. Aun así, es … Continue reading

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It was a dark and stormy night… Practicing Spanish through writing.

Era una noche una noche tormentosa… Writing is another very important tool when studying a language. We are not talking here about writing a novel or a masterpiece, just putting down your thoughts on paper. Yes, pen and paper, letting … Continue reading

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The Importance of Reading short Storybooks in Spanish.

  There is so much material nowadays out there available for you to improve your Spanish skills, that there is little excuse not to take advantage of them. Maybe lack of time, but setting aside as little as 15 minutes … Continue reading

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¡Queda prohibido…!

  Se nos prohibe de todo, y a veces tonterías. Pero quizá haya cosas que si se prohibieran  viviríamos en un mundo mejor… ¿No creen?

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