It was a dark and stormy night… Practicing Spanish through writing.

Write a diary for practice...

Write a diary for practice…

Era una noche una noche tormentosa…

Writing is another very important tool when studying a language. We are not talking here about writing a novel or a masterpiece, just putting down your thoughts on paper. Yes, pen and paper, letting what comes to mind flow in writing without using your computer’s spell-check. Most teachers will be delighted to correct anything you write spontaneously. At least, that is how I feel. This in my book is going the extra mile.

I used to teach middle school kids, and the way I got them interested in writing was by asking them to keep a diary. They were delighted! They turned in their homework happily expecting my remarks, not about the mistakes mind you, but about what they had been doing over the weekend. Showing them I was interested in them as people and what they did outside the class was engaging for them, and for my self, I must admit. A very rewarding experience which helped them learn and improve without even trying.

So, whether it is a story, a diary, or an opinion; write!  You have more time to collect your thoughts, think about the grammar structures and new vocabulary this way.

Keep practicing and go the extra mile!



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