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Ya no me acuerdo: The imperfect tense in Spanish

The imperfect tense in Spanish is used to: describe people, places, habits, circumstances or conditions in the past.  Advertisements

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  Here we go again with our favorite topic! The subjunctive! We use it after certain verbs that express ignorance or doubt.

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La suerte de la fea… Imperfecto de subjuntivo

¿No sería fantástico poder pedirle a un hada deseos y se cumplieran? Pues podrían pedírselos usando estas formas:

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Noche de bodas…

Para aquellos que ya hayan llegado al tan temido subjuntivo, aquí les brindamos la oportunidad de practicarlo y saborearlo con esta canción de Joaquin Sabina. 

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If only…¡Ojalá!

Ojalá: I wish, I hope, If only…. Don’t we all spend our lives wishing things were different? This is what we use “Ojalá” for. To express a past, future or present wish using the subjunctive.

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¿Te enamoraste de un pendejo?

  And of course, we all swear differently in Spanish, depending on where we are from. Pendejo in Argentina means: stupid. In Spain we say: gilipollas, and so forth.

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La Leyenda del Espantapajaros

Watching short stories and legends that capture your attention is immensely helpful when you want to practice listening-comprehension skills.  We propose you watch this amazing legend, which no doubt will capture your attention. 

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Pero a tu lado…

We mostly use the present perfect tense in Spanish when we begin the sentence with: Hoy Esta semana, primavera, mañana, etc… Este mes, año, fin de semana, etc… ¿Alguna vez…? Hace un rato. Todavía no Aún no Ya

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