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La historia de Ana y Manuel

Can a pet substitute a human being? Should you have both? Watch and let us know your thoughts! Advertisements

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Relato de Rosa Montero: Mi hombre.

This is a magnificent story by Rosa Montero from her book Amantes y enemigos. Read, enjoy and give us your opinion, in Spanish. Keep the folllowing  questions in mind while you read, and then answer them using the subjunctive when necessary: … Continue reading

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¡Ojalá! Silvio Rodriguez and the subjunctive.

Ojalá comes from the Arab: Lau sha’a Allah: Si Dios quisiera/quiere in Spanish, which means: If it’s God’s will. Yet we translate it as: I wish, hope or if only…

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No, you are not “bad” at Spanish!

The first question we ask our students when they attend the class is why is it they want to study Spanish, so we can get a feel of how interested they are and what their goal is. With highschool students … Continue reading

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