American Dream, el sueño del otro lado. A play by Brad Erickson.

American Dream, a play by Brad Erickson

American Dream, a play by Brad Erickson

I always suspected Brad Erickson was #gifted, not only in his study of Spanish but from his deep insights and sensibility in conversation. A man of words, who could make himself perfectly understood in Spanish. It is hard to express yourself in another language, especially feelings and ideas, but Brad’s command has always been extraordinary. He immediately got the essence of the language and the unique personality a different language possesses.

I’m writing in the past but he is alive and well for our benefit and enjoyment! He was my student once and I was happy to meet him recently to find out his “American Dream” was playing! He mentioned my favorite topic “the subjunctive,” had a role in the play! There I went, head first!

The play was magnificent! There was no topic left untouched. It was moving, funny and had everyone nodding in understanding. I was in awe. A very well-rounded play about the borders and walls we build, real and imaginary.

In Brad Erickson’s words: “This play is about borders. The international border at out state’s southern end, and the cultural, personal, and psychological boundaries that divide us from one another, as well as the barriers that separate us from our pasts and futures.”

“This play is also about language. Especially how language shapes the way we see the reality and the possibility of the world.”

And it is about love….

If you are so lucky to see the play, I know you will agree that it is a masterpiece with a lot of food for though. It won’t leave you untouched!

Thank you Brad Erickson. It was a pleasure!

More about the play: sfgate


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