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Quizlet an App you can’t do without.

We are in love! Quizlet is all the rage, at least for those who are intent on learning and teaching Spanish. You can create your own, or you can find us in Quizlet @ Casa Hispana. We have started with … Continue reading

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Beginners’ First Spanish Lessons: Watch and Answer

This comprehension exercise is geared towards beginners who have attended at least 4 hours of class time. Watch and answer these basic questions:

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How to measure your proficiency in Spanish with jokes!

Have you ever sat amongst native speakers of the language you are learning. For sure, while you understood the words, phrases, expressions and swearwords, maybe not the jokes. And here is where you measure your proficiency! Maybe this is stretching … Continue reading

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5 Easy things you can do to keep your Spanish going when you have little time!

  People think they have to spend invaluable amounts of time studying to keep their Spanish going. It is a great idea, but who has the time? Just a few things done daily, in your spare time and alternating to … Continue reading

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Spanish TV apps to watch from all your devices!

To learn a language, besides attending classes, you have to go the extra mile on your own. You must take advantage of every possible opportunity to tune into the language you are intending to master.

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Learning Spanish while waiting in line: 13 handy apps you can’t miss

Smart phones have changed our lives in countless ways, actually making us smarter! I can hardly remember life before the i-phone. I surely fought against having one, but a friend got me one for my birthday.  That day changed my life. I finally knew … Continue reading

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