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¿Qué lleva la paella?

When we go to a restaurant and order we also would like to know what the main ingredients of the dish are. For that we would ask: Advertisements

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La vida de un hombre.

This man spent his life traveling, working and exploring distant lands.

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¿Tienes una rutina?

Todos tenemos una rutina más o menos aburrida. Algunos días son mejores que otros. ¿Cómo es la tuya? 

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Saludos y despedidas en español.

We often concentrate so much in learning the grammar, and so excited about getting into real conversation in Spanish, that we forget the most important! Greetings!

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Me llaman calle: Manu Chao

Listening to music is a great way to practice your spanish, especially if you are brave enough to sing along! We trust you’ll enjoy it!

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¿Qué nos dijeron que hiciéramos para ser felices?

Intentar ser feliz puede ser muy simple. El problema es que lo complicamos. Tenemos que simplificar un poco como nos propone este vídeo.

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Ya no me acuerdo: The imperfect tense in Spanish

The imperfect tense in Spanish is used to: describe people, places, habits, circumstances or conditions in the past. 

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La suerte de la fea… Imperfecto de subjuntivo

¿No sería fantástico poder pedirle a un hada deseos y se cumplieran? Pues podrían pedírselos usando estas formas:

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¿Te enamoraste de un pendejo?

  And of course, we all swear differently in Spanish, depending on where we are from. Pendejo in Argentina means: stupid. In Spain we say: gilipollas, and so forth.

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La Leyenda del Espantapajaros

Watching short stories and legends that capture your attention is immensely helpful when you want to practice listening-comprehension skills.  We propose you watch this amazing legend, which no doubt will capture your attention. 

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