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¿Qué lleva la paella?

When we go to a restaurant and order we also would like to know what the main ingredients of the dish are. For that we would ask: Advertisements

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Quizlet an App you can’t do without.

We are in love! Quizlet is all the rage, at least for those who are intent on learning and teaching Spanish. You can create your own, or you can find us in Quizlet @ Casa Hispana. We have started with … Continue reading

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  Here we go again with our favorite topic! The subjunctive! We use it after certain verbs that express ignorance or doubt.

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Noche de bodas…

Para aquellos que ya hayan llegado al tan temido subjuntivo, aquí les brindamos la oportunidad de practicarlo y saborearlo con esta canción de Joaquin Sabina. 

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¡Queda prohibido…!

  Se nos prohibe de todo, y a veces tonterías. Pero quizá haya cosas que si se prohibieran  viviríamos en un mundo mejor… ¿No creen?

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Prepare for summer travel taking our beginner’s Spanish classes, and maybe visit these gorgeous places!

It’s that time of the year when you might decide to travel to a Spanish Speaking country.  In our beginners courses, we cover most of the basics you will need to get by, and engage in simple conversation. (We are … Continue reading

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Spanish Grammar Exercise: Present Perfect: Fill in the blanks with a song!

Try to fill in the blanks using the present perfect after you print, and listen to the song in this UTube video. Good luck!

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Tips to choose a Spanish Language School

When you shop for a good pair of quality shoes, you make sure they fit. You try them on, and in some cases you might even be able to take them for a run around the block. If they are … Continue reading

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Spanish proverbs: Wise words to live by.

When there were no self-help books, as Delfin Carbonell Basset mentions in his article “ Proverbs to guide us through the year,” people took refuge in proverbs. Proverbs were probably born out of mistakes people made repeatedly, as we still … Continue reading

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Gestures speak louder than words in any language

While Hispanics are famous for their continuous gesturing while talking, all countries have their unique gestures to communicate an opinion, an idea, a word or an insult too. People can have conversations omitting 40% of the words. If you are … Continue reading

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