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The Importance of Reading short Storybooks in Spanish.

  There is so much material nowadays out there available for you to improve your Spanish skills, that there is little excuse not to take advantage of them. Maybe lack of time, but setting aside as little as 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Tips to choose a Spanish Language School

When you shop for a good pair of quality shoes, you make sure they fit. You try them on, and in some cases you might even be able to take them for a run around the block. If they are … Continue reading

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4 reasons why you should practice writing longhand in Spanish.

I love spell check. One of the positive aspects of technology is that there is little to no excuse for spelling mistakes. (Yet, it does seem some people don’t bother ever using it.) No matter, I still think people who … Continue reading

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Spanish proverbs: Wise words to live by.

When there were no self-help books, as Delfin Carbonell Basset mentions in his article “ Proverbs to guide us through the year,” people took refuge in proverbs. Proverbs were probably born out of mistakes people made repeatedly, as we still … Continue reading

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Gratitude: Gratitud

We wouldn’t survive alone, by only looking at our belly buttons and thinking of ways to squeeze all the juice in the lemon as a business. We are not alone, we are a team and this applies to all of … Continue reading

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Practice Spanish grammar one exercise a day over the holidays!

Want to brush up on grammar over holidays?  Writing exercises, going over things you already studied will further strengthen your grammar and vocabulary. Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses is a book I highly recommend. This is not for beginning … Continue reading

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Tú, vos, usted, vosotros y ustedes, the art of addressing people in Spanish

These pronouns are ingrained in our Spanish-speaking culture, and as we use verbs, we swiftly use the terms, necessary to address whomever we are speaking to, not giving it much thought. Countries vary their use of pronouns. Vosotros is only used in … Continue reading

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On aging during a Spanish class!

Our classes deal with real life situations, fun, varied and always interesting. Nobody wants to talk about hobbies for 2 hours and the vocabulary pertaining to it. Boooring! Our teachers and students are amazing conversationalist, which is exactly the point! … Continue reading

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Canales de radio en español que no te puedes perder: Cierra los ojos y escucha.

La comprensión auditiva es otra herramienta que añadir a la lista de cosas que hacer cuando estudias un idioma. La dificultad que este medio entraña no es poca, al no tener la ayuda que el visionado te ofrece para interpretar … Continue reading

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Películas en español que no te puedes perder

En el aprendizaje de un idioma, nada sobra. Hay que usar todas las herramientas posibles: lectura, audición, visionado, escritura, conversación y mucho entusiasmo. Es errónea la creencia que para aprender un idioma es necesaria la inmersión completa. Si dedicas el … Continue reading

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