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La vida de un hombre.

This man spent his life traveling, working and exploring distant lands. Advertisements

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La Leyenda del Espantapajaros

Watching short stories and legends that capture your attention is immensely helpful when you want to practice listening-comprehension skills.  We propose you watch this amazing legend, which no doubt will capture your attention. 

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Pero a tu lado…

We mostly use the present perfect tense in Spanish when we begin the sentence with: Hoy Esta semana, primavera, mañana, etc… Este mes, año, fin de semana, etc… ¿Alguna vez…? Hace un rato. Todavía no Aún no Ya

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Literal translations in English and Spanish that are nonsense.

There is a hilarious book entitled, “From lost to the river,” which literally translates sayings from Spanish to English. However, to find it funny one must be proficient in both languages or it won’t make any sense. 

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How to Survive your First Spanish Class!

We know from experience how hard it is to walk into a class full of strangers and start to learn something new from scratch. Suddenly you feel scared and insecure. Yet, since we too know this, we make sure from … Continue reading

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Practice listening in “slow Spanish.”

What students most dread, are listening-comprehension exercises. Beginning students start by using the language focusing on speech, pronunciation, reading and writing. While there are listening comprehension exercises in class, they only take up about 5% of the class. Why? You … Continue reading

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Love: A good reason to study Spanish.

People come to us to study Spanish for several reasons: for work, travel, because they want to understand what they are singing or dancing to, or one of the most popular: love! Many of our students have significant others who … Continue reading

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5 Easy things you can do to keep your Spanish going when you have little time!

  People think they have to spend invaluable amounts of time studying to keep their Spanish going. It is a great idea, but who has the time? Just a few things done daily, in your spare time and alternating to … Continue reading

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