Northern Spain in Winter: a place to visit before you die!

Baqueira Beret - Valle de Arán

Baqueira Beret – Valle de Arán (Photo credit: Pablo Monteagudo)

At least once a year, the crew heads home to enjoy our friends, family and country. When we get back, we share our experiences, pictures, videos and new places we have discovered. There is nothing like leaving your country to learn even more about it.

Two years ago in the midst of winter,  Laura headed up North and shared her amazing trip. She visited  Santander, Bilbao, Baqueira, Comillas and a few coastal towns.  The weather, she said, was similar to that of San Francisco, not too cold, except in Baqueira were the best ski resort is, and of course, is freezing

The food was, and remains in her opinion, one of the best culinary experiences yet!

Watch this video and see for yourself: Certainly a beautiful place to go before you die!


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Casa Hispana brings the study of Spanish to life. Since 1985, we have provided a warm atmosphere where our instructors foster students to confidently absorb and apply the language. Casa Hispana teaches only Spanish. All of our instructors are native speakers with backgrounds in Education. Their skills and experience, along with our method, make it easier for you to learn in a fully Spanish atmosphere, and to express yourself with ease and confidence from the very first day.
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