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18 Characteristics of a Good Spanish Teacher!

Not everyone can teach a language, no matter how many diplomas, certificates they have. The main ingredient is being able to communicate with your students at a very personal level. To do this you must love both; teaching and people. … Continue reading

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Torrijas for Easter!

Easter is not all about eggs and chocolate! In Spain we have another dessert you might try: Torrijas! You can’t hide them around though, it might get too messy!

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Prepare for summer travel taking our beginner’s Spanish classes, and maybe visit these gorgeous places!

It’s that time of the year when you might decide to travel to a Spanish Speaking country.  In our beginners courses, we cover most of the basics you will need to get by, and engage in simple conversation. (We are … Continue reading

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Casa Hispana group class Giveaway! ($395 value)

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, are a present or former student, or wish to take part in any of our group classes, you can participate in our giveaway!  ($395 value)

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¿Qué es el lunfardo? ¡Con el nuevo Papa habrá que aprenderlo!

  El lunfardo es un argot que se originó en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX  a orillas del Río de la Plata. Es una mezcla de palabras extranjeras:  polacas, árabes, gallegas, inglesas, romanís, hebreas, quechua, mapuches, portuguesas, guaraní pero … Continue reading

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La importancia de la coma por Julio Cortazar

“La coma, esa puerta giratoria del pensamiento” (Julio Cortázar) Una coma puede ser una pausa. O no… No, espere. No espere. Puede hacer desaparecer su dinero. 23,40 2,34

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Negative command forms in Spanish! What our moms loved to use with us!

We’ve all been through it. When we were kids, either our moms, or our dads were on our cases for one reason or another. Often using the positive command form or the negative. The negative form is the subjunctive, we all love … Continue reading

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Beginners’ First Spanish Lessons: Watch and Answer

This comprehension exercise is geared towards beginners who have attended at least 4 hours of class time. Watch and answer these basic questions:

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Almodovar is back with a comedy! “I’m so excited!”

Pedro Almodovar is back! This time with a comedy: Los amantes pasajeros: I’m so excited. Which after his last extremely dark movie: La piel que habito: The skin I live in, brings us much relief!

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Spanish Grammar Exercise: Present Perfect: Fill in the blanks with a song!

Try to fill in the blanks using the present perfect after you print, and listen to the song in this UTube video. Good luck!

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