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El Imperativo: Can you find the commands in the video?

Who likes to be told what to do? Few of us, but there are ways to ask for things, and give instructions without sounding rude. The tone you use is very important when using the command form in Spanish. Advertisements

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Literal translations in English and Spanish that are nonsense.

There is a hilarious book entitled, “From lost to the river,” which literally translates sayings from Spanish to English. However, to find it funny one must be proficient in both languages or it won’t make any sense. 

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Botijo: Go for this “green” alternative for drinking water!

A botijo, búcaro, càntir, pitxell or poal in Catalan, is a traditional Spanish clay water container. When you fill it with water and let it sit in the sun, it cools the water! What could be greener than this?

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Croquetas! Made in Spain!

As a kid, this was one of my favorite foods. If you go to Spain you will find them everywhere, served as a tapa. They are round, breaded, cylinder-shaped or round morsels with many different fillings: chicken, ham, cheese, sea … Continue reading

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How to measure your proficiency in Spanish with jokes!

Have you ever sat amongst native speakers of the language you are learning. For sure, while you understood the words, phrases, expressions and swearwords, maybe not the jokes. And here is where you measure your proficiency! Maybe this is stretching … Continue reading

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Flamenco event by the Bay!

Want to enjoy some good food, music, dance and friends gathering to have some fun? Here is a Flamenco event you shouldn’t miss! Theatre Flamenco company will be performing at Duende Restaurant and Bodega in Oakland on Friday, Feb 22 … Continue reading

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Benedetti for Valentine’s Day!

Mario Benedetti is considered one of the most important writers of the 20th century in Latin America and Spain. He was Uruguayan and was part of the Generación del ‘45. His language was simple, universal and easy to relate to. … Continue reading

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Why studying Spanish is good for your health!

According to the New York times, bilinguals are smarter! I disagree. There are a lot of people out there who speak more than one language and don’t make the smartest decisions. Yet, there are advantages to learning a language and … Continue reading

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4 reasons why you should practice writing longhand in Spanish.

I love spell check. One of the positive aspects of technology is that there is little to no excuse for spelling mistakes. (Yet, it does seem some people don’t bother ever using it.) No matter, I still think people who … Continue reading

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¡La Milonga de San Valentin!

¿Qué haces este viernes 8 de Febrero? ¡La Milonga de San Valentín!

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