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Valentine’s day is almost here! Express your love in Spanish with a Latino twist!

So, your beloved is Hispanic and you want to impress them. Maybe you want to get them that “anillo de diamantes”, or something a tad cheaper: “un ramo de rosas rojas”? Is it your first date? Whatever it is, you … Continue reading

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Spanish proverbs: Wise words to live by.

When there were no self-help books, as Delfin Carbonell Basset mentions in his article “ Proverbs to guide us through the year,” people took refuge in proverbs. Proverbs were probably born out of mistakes people made repeatedly, as we still … Continue reading

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Practice listening in “slow Spanish.”

What students most dread, are listening-comprehension exercises. Beginning students start by using the language focusing on speech, pronunciation, reading and writing. While there are listening comprehension exercises in class, they only take up about 5% of the class. Why? You … Continue reading

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Gestures speak louder than words in any language

While Hispanics are famous for their continuous gesturing while talking, all countries have their unique gestures to communicate an opinion, an idea, a word or an insult too. People can have conversations omitting 40% of the words. If you are … Continue reading

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Antonio Machado: A Spanish poet you just can’t miss!

Antonio Machado was a Spanish poet from the literary movement “La generación del ’98.” His poems were so deep and meaningful that they were turned into songs by Joan Manuel Serrat, a famous Catalán singer. Much like Leonard Cohen, Serrat … Continue reading

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¿Te atreves a soñar en subjuntivo?

Debo admitir que me encanta impartir el subjuntivo. Cuando los alumos están listos para pasar la barrera del nivel intermedio al avanzado, empieza la aventura. Espero ese momento con ilusión, al ver que mis alumnos por fin van a poder … Continue reading

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Love: A good reason to study Spanish.

People come to us to study Spanish for several reasons: for work, travel, because they want to understand what they are singing or dancing to, or one of the most popular: love! Many of our students have significant others who … Continue reading

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2013: A new year of Spanish learning!

As we open our doors on January 2nd, after a glorious holiday break, our hope is to keep providing fun and easy language acquisition. Together we can team up and learn in the most comfortable and fun environment! Gone are … Continue reading

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