New Year’s Eve Colombian style: Good luck traditions!

Running around the block will ensure future travel and adventure!By rubyblossom.

Running around the block will ensure future travel and adventure!
By rubyblossom.

Every hispanic country has its traditions and superstitions. In Colombia, they have plenty to fall back on if any of the good luck rituals fail!

Good luck traditions: 

Twelve grapes. This is also practiced in Spain. At the stoke of  twelve you need to stuff a grape at every chime! The twelve grapes represent the months of the year. It is said you can make a wish for every grape. Be quick though, and write your wishes down in advance. You must finish eating the grapes by the last chime for the good luck to kick in!

In Spain, some add a third grape. If all else fails you have that last 13th!

Yellow Underwear As in Mexico, wearing yellow underwear will attract money!!!

Shafts of Wheat. Placing 12 shafts of wheat in your dining room will bring more food to the table, i.e: money again.

Run around the block with a suitcase! After the clock strikes 12, you must run around the block with an empty suitcase. This will ensure future travel and adventures. This one can be a little dangerous though! But if practiced in a safe neighborhood you’ll be fine. A backpack might do the job, easier to flee from a mugger!

Starting out on the right foot flamingo style! At the stroke of twelve, make sure your right foot is firmly planted!

Hold money! Be sure to be holding money at midnight! Any amount will do. Again, money!

Burn the old year!  Make a statuette of the old year. If you can find safe fireworks, tie the statuette to the fireworks and blow the old year up, setting it on fire at twelve!  Some people tie pieces of paper where they write their defects. A symbolic way to try to get rid of them.

Sweep the bad energy out!By YanivG

Sweep the bad energy out!
By YanivG

Sweep the dirt out.  Clean your home on New Year’s Eve and do away with the dirt by sweeping it out your front door. This will rid you of any bad energy. Keep some dirt to throw out the door at midnight. It doubles your chances of a clean sweep!

Eat LentilsMany hispanic countries follow this tradition. It ensures a year of plenty.

And how about love? Well, we have red panties or boxers to attract love in Spain and Mexico. Make sure you wear them brand new too! You never know! This will bring in more love into your life or consolidate what you already have, if that is what you want…

And of course! Drink and dance the night away!

¡Felíz año nuevo!


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